“We take recycling to the next level”

When dealing with electronic waste and other non-ferrous scrap, most of the time we are dealing with composite materials. These materials are difficult to separate and many times the material is manually separated using cheap labour in a developing country, or if the metal content is high enough to justify the cost, it is sent directly to a smelter.

In both Cases this will lead to incomplete recovery of the materials present along with a huge environmental impact generated in the process. At Exner E-Waste we like to go different route. We use a finely crafted combination of milling processes along with material separation using physical properties of the material in the composite.

The milling of the material delaminates the composite (e.g. frees up the pieces of copper and aluminum present in a radiator) and makes subsequent separation of the material by density possible (in this case yielding clean copper and aluminum). This technology allows us to recover materials that our competition would simply lose in their process, at a fraction of their processing cost – allowing us to provide you with very competitive rates while helping to keep our environment clean.