Giving scrap a second life

“March 10, 2015 -Exner E-Waste employees Rudolf Bullert, Paul Wegner, Marina Neumann and Waldemar Neumann show some of the aluminum and copper pieces recovered from electronics and appliances processed in the company’s Elie plant.(ANDREA GEARY/CANSTAR COMMUNITY NEWS)”see more at: communities/headliner/Giving-scrap-a-second-life-296573511.html

“Let’s turn waste into Resources”

At Exner we process a wide range of electronic and non electronic equipment. Our process is secure, fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Majority of the process is done with our advanced technology. All waste processed at e-waste is turned into recovered recourses, like copper and aluminum. At Exner we do not test, refurbish or resale any electronic devices entering our facility. When it comes to protecting information, total destruction is the only way to go to ensure your information is non retrievable. Our customers are supplied with Certificate of Destruction and when specially requested the serial number of the devices.