“We are a recycling company that thinks different”

Exner E-Waste Processing Inc. located in Elie, MB is an EOLE waste management company with Technology developed and engineered by President Hubertus Exner and Vice President Paul Wegner. The company was established in January of 2010. This technology is not only able to recycle general electronic e-waste found in businesses and residential homes, but expands into other items, such as small household appliances, photocopiers, ATM machines, hand/garden tools and more.

Exner is specialized in processing EOLE for the main purpose of recovering metals to be supplied back in to the market for remanufacturing of new products; steel, aluminum, copper and more.
Advanced combined German technology and custom modification of Equipment such as Shredder, Hammermill, Air Jig, and Screening Machine allow for a fast, efficient and clean process for metal recovery.